What to expect

Insurance companies Bezzio Counseling, PLLC works with: Premera, Aetna, Lifewise of Washington, Kaiser PPO, and First Choice.

My Approach to Therapy: My approach to therapy is to view the client as the expert in their own life. I do not play the role of expert in my client’s life. I do, however act as a guide, advocate, educator, and support person. What I will do is attempt to see your issues from your perspective and your view of the world. I will do this by asking questions in order to clarify my understanding of what the issues are for you. I work within the framework of person-centered theory, which focuses on the client as the expert, and existential therapy, which focuses on behavior and looks at how the client thinks, feels, and behaves and the impact they have on others. Even though the therapy process is a liberating and freeing experience, it can be difficult at times due to the possibility of working through painful issues. This is when my role as a support person is crucial. The form, in which the therapeutic process will be dictated by your particular goals, will be very much up to you as a client.

In addition, I draw upon other theories and approaches, as appropriate in our work. I work with both adults and children with issues ranging from anxiety, grief, post-traumatic stress, life transitions, relationships, depression, career changes, and chemical dependency. If you have additional questions, I am open and willing to answer them for you.

Length and Termination of Therapy: As a participant in therapy, you can expect the length of therapy to last as long as you feel it is needed. Client participation is crucial to a successful therapeutic experience. The length of therapy will be directly influenced by the client’s level of participation. The greater the client’s participation, the possibility it will influence the length of treatment. The client’s issues and their feelings of accomplishment will ultimately determine the overall length of therapy. You can initiate the termination of therapy at any time; however, I would strongly urge you to discuss it first with me. Any eventual termination of services by either of us needs to be discussed prior to the actual termination.

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