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Bezzio Counseling, Renton, WA 

Life is not lived as a climax, but as a series of quiet triumphs

Good Day!

Welcome to the Bezzio Counseling office. This is my official website. Here you will find all the information you need to know about me and my practice.

As a solo practitioner, I am able to offer Mental Health Counseling Services on a personal level. I have cared for many individuals with a variety of issues. I am also happy to be able to provide canine therapeutic interventions with my dog Audrey. Please browse the site and call with any questions you may have.


[email protected]

Fax: 866-680-6044


506 S. 15th Street

Renton, WA 98055

Hours: Tues- Fri : 12PM - 7PM

Sat: 12PM - 6PM

My Approach to Mental Health Counseling:

My approach to Mental Health Counseling is to view the client as the expert in their own life. I do not play the role of expert in my client's lives. I do , however act as a guide, advocate, educator, and support person. What I will do is attempt to see your issues from your perspective and your view of the world.

I will do this by asking questions in order to clarify my understanding of what the issues are for you. I work within the framework of Person-Centered Therapy, which focuses on the client being the expert, and Existential Therapy, which focuses on behavior and looks at how the client thinks, feels, and behaves and the impact they have on others.

Even though the mental health therapy process is liberating and a freeing experience, it can be difficult at times due to the possibility of working through some painful issues. This is when my role as support person is crucial. The form, in which the therapeutic process will be dictated by your particular goals, and will be very much up to you as the client.

Healthy-the New State of Mind

At Bezzio Counseling, I focus on the entire person rather than just treating symptoms. I am waiting to help you on the path to total wellness.

As a Mental Health Counselor 

I work in the following areas:

Adult Mental Health Counseling

Adolescent and Youth Counseling

Geriatric Counseling

Family and Couples Counseling

Areas of theraputic focus:



Post Tramatic Stress

Sexual Identity





Among others..